Not a big reader?!  Here’s some great videos of
stories and close calls…

Throttle Decisions, an 8 video series aimed at encouraging mountain sledders to become better trained in avalanche safety–

Rick Mercer Avalanche Dogs Avalanche Explosion Control

How do they keep highways safe? Watch how Rick Mercer spends the day with a Jasper Park Public Safety specialist dropping bombs from helicopters! –

Travis Rice, professional snowborder, tells his story of what took place before, during and after he was taken out by an avalanche- 

Avalanche Control of the terrain at Fernie Alpine Resort area-

Even the small hills could be deadly! Watch this small slide that could have ended with a dead friend –
⇒ Here’s some words from the man caught in this avalanche, “12/30/17 was a sobering day for myself and the guys I ride with. I was mostly buried in an slide below Mount Jefferson near Island Park, Idaho. Thanks to the quick action of those around me, I was fortunate to make it out unharmed. I’ve struggled with the decision on what to do with this video, as I’m ashamed of my decision to put myself and others in harms way, but I’ve decided to post it in hopes that others can learn from my mistake. As with most accidents, there is an error chain that leads up to the event, and this one is no exception. Late the night prior, we checked all the avalanche reports for our area. The closest reporting region, the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center, stated on the GNFAC website for 12/29/17 : “As the snowpack continues to be stressed by new and wind-blown snow, human triggered avalanches will be likely on all slopes and the avalanche danger is rated CONSIDERABLE. If the storm hits harder than expected today, the avalanche danger could rise to HIGH on all slopes.” As crazy as it sounds, this didn’t set off huge alarms in my head as the danger is often reported as considerable or higher for much of the winter season.”

Woman survives being buried in an avalanche for an hour and forty five minutes.  Listen to her story-

Rare double avalanche caught on video while controlling avalanches. 2 huge avalanches in the Fernie and Coquihalla area-