Emergency Communication Tools

Communication simplifies many problems.
Satellite phones can be great tools….when they have service! 
Do a little research before you buy or rent. Here are a couple of links to get you started.

Iridium Satellite Communcations Equipment

Zac’s Tracs has been getting good coverage with Iridium for the past 4 years. (Reading below it looks like we may be able to resurrect the Globalstar phone again!) Visit www.iridium.com to learn more.

Globalstar Satellite

Copied from a press release on Globalstar’s website
On February 6th, 2013, Globalstar successfully completed launching its constellation of second generation satellites. The first two satellites from this recent launch were raised and placed into service in early March. Globalstar expects to place the final second-generation satellites into commercial service over the next few months as planned. Customers will continue to see improvements in network performance over the coming months as these remaining satellites are placed into service.
These new satellites are designed to last for 15 years, twice the lifespan of Globalstar’s first-generation satellites. The Globalstar second-generation satellite constellation will support the Company’s current lineup of voice, duplex and simplex data products and services, including its SPOT-branded consumer products. Copied from a press release on Globalstar’s website
Visit www.globalstar.com/en/ to learn more.


– Two-way Messaging!
Two-way communication becomes two-way texting when your inReach is paired with a smartphone or the PN-60w GPS. Now you can both send and receive messages — that means interactive SOS messages, text messages, emails, social network updates, etc., and full GPS navigation. In short, an affordable remote satellite connection.
For more info check out the InReach website

The Spot Messenger System

is a lower cost system to keep in touch and send out basic emergency messages.
Check out the link above to learn more about this relatively new method of emergency location.
CLICK on this link to view a series of video clips that highlight all of the SPOT’s functions.

“We are using the SPOT in Fort Nelson as our main work alone tool. We have guy’s on quads, sleds, argos, choppers and trucks spread around the bush every day, and these are their life support. They really do work for us. 
As a sledder I would only use the HELP if we had to spend the night on the mountain. I would have this go to some other buddies and my wife so they can either come to rescue or call others, knowing that all we need is Help, and not 911 services. At least they will know that we are alive when they don’t receive the (I’m out of the bush) phone call that night.” Sheldon S.

Limitation of the SPOT – this is a one way system. It only sends out generic messages of OK, HELP or 911. While those responding to your distress call may know WHERE you are, they only receive your pre-programmed message. They really don’t know WHAT your problem is. What resources should they send in? Are you lost? Is someone injured? Was this an accidental call? Has there been an avalanche?
Different problems require different professionals.

Voice activated radios are not really popular in the mountains, however the Chatterbox GMRS-X1 radio helped Bob and Duane avoid a serious avalanche involvement.
Click HERE to read their experience – ‘Close Call’

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