Zacs Tracs – Backcountry Snowmobilers Raising the Bar

We are backcountry snowmobilers that truly enjoy the sport. Our mobile training courses, website and newsletters are internationally recognized for raising the bar on the level of avalanche education within the sledding community. Our participation in national and international training sessions and conferences ensures that our training materials and methods are always evolving to maintain top quality.

Zac’s teaches life saving skills of observation to empower you with the information to make better decisions. We have the same goals as you… we want the best riding day possible and to return home to our family and friends.

Although we have now stepped back from active training, from 1999 to 2021 Zac’s has worked independently and as a contractor with the Alberta Snowmobile Association and Avalanche Canada (formerly the Canadian Avalanche Centre) to reach over:
• 112,000 school students
• 10,000’s of snowmobilers at tradeshows in Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan
• 19,200 adults in classroom presentations
• over 5,200 snowmobilers have completed their AST Level 1 training with Zac’s Tracs

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“I enjoyed the program. Really amazed at what I thought I knew and what I actually didn’t know.
If you ride in the mountains, you have to have to invest in training, simple!” 
Feb 2016 – Peace River, AB


  • To be a world leader in avalanche and backcountry safety in the snowmobile community through a profitable and innovative series of on-line and off-line training programs and resources.
  • To empower riders to take active steps to gather the information, skills, strategies and equipment to make the most of our activities while maintaining an acceptable level of risk.
  • To save lives by inspiring life long changes to the way we manage our backcountry activities leading to capable, prepared and responsible riders.

We all have the same goals: to enjoy the best riding possible and to return home safely to our family and friends!

While our main focus will always be education, our secondary focus is to recommend and provide effective gear for avalanche and backcountry survival.

To be truly prepared all sledders need a COMBINATION
of high quality training and gear.