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Is an avalanche course really worth my time?

I was a little skeptical at what was actually going to be taught but the AST1 classroom session was definitely beneficial and I will push everyone from our group to take it. With the instructor being involved and energetic it kept everyone’s attention and the importance of what was being taught. The AST Class and Rescue Workshop were definitely worth attending. Actually learning the proper techniques made the time worth it.

I’ve been riding in the mountains for years

We’re all bad for the “I know how to work my beacon and probe and of course know how to shovel!” attitude but I admit I was proven wrong. I had the understanding of it but when it’s potentially lives at stake no time or money can replace knowing that your knowledge can save lives. Have to thank everyone at ZacsTracs for the awesome day.
Rod, Sylvan Lake, AB – Nov 6, 2016