Monica Zacaruk

Snowmobile dug out of avalanche debris

Avalanche Burial – Too Close For Comfort

My name is Rick Tams, and I’ve been snowmobiling in the mountains for over 40 years. I’m writing about this incident and sharing it with you […]

Early Season Avy Accident

While the base of the snowpack is generally solid this year, it didn’t start out this way. This article is a reminder to take care in […]

Should I help a stuck sledder?

Hi Lori, I want to ask your advice on a scenario that commonly occurs when sledding. Senario: A group of sledders find a hill slope to […]

What Were They Thinking?

Jump directly to the Jan 28 update – F.A.C.E.T.S. Jump directly to the Jan 28 update – Methods to Manage. The following article was re-printed with […]

But I Already Have My AST1

After 20 years of snowmobiling in the mountains, last Feb I decided to take the AST1 level Avalanche Skills Training Course that Zac’s Tracs was putting […]