Look for the Gorilla

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Zac’s Tracs Edmonton avalanche course certainly caught my attention!

My son William and I attended the AST course on November 10th in Edmonton …. I’m the guy from Ontario 🙂 I just wanted to pass along my thoughts on the course and the day we had with you.

First and foremost WELL DONE we truly appreciated the course content, presentation of information and your skill as a facilitator. Your passion for what you do was evident in every breath you took as you guided us through the course material. I don’t often see an instructor with such enthusiasm so it was much appreciated as it makes a significant impact on how we learn, again well done!

We both left the course feeling much better about our riding plans going forward, the term look for the “Gorilla” has taken on a whole new meaning and we are thankful how that was presented, in fact the phrase “Look for the Gorilla” will be branded on our sleds this year just as a reminder! I’m looking forward to day two for the field work to complete this portion of the AST program.

Congratulations on a fine job, thanks for caring about guys like myself that in past have overlooked some critical safety items, we are true believers thanks to your course!

As a personal observation the avalanche burial simulation put me over the top and created such a hunger for the remaining content. Excellent way to get things started … you definitely got my attention!
All the very best to you and Zac Trac’s Team going forward ….

Brad C.,  Ontario