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Grande Cache Community School
Big Eye Opener
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“The real life stories and video stories were an eye opener to show what can happen and how fast disaster can strike.

I liked the part where we had to breath through a slurpy straw after getting buried by snow for four minutes.. really good example of what it is like to be buried and struggle for air! ( i had to cheat a bit )

I would definitely recommend the course to beginners as well as anyone that has mountain experience and has not yet informed themselves on mountain safety. . 2017 is my seventh year of mountain riding and I am a little ashamed to say that this is my first step towards Avalanche Training. I wish I would have taken this course long ago!

There are lots of tools… beacons, probes, shovels, etc. 
But if you are buried and relying on someone to save you that has NO training…. then good luck sucking air through that slurpy blow-hole!!

Thank You!”

-Jamie S.
Regina, SK