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I use a large part of your list of items to carry in my list as well. I have a lot of redundancy in my setup and I am trimming it down. 

I don’t use the stove much. I have it more for an emergency item. But on the days that it gets nasty it sure is nice to have a hot drink. 

I think a lot of backcountry riders don’t carry a stove. I honestly think that a lot of riders don’t carry enough. We strongly promote carrying back country gear as well emergency and survival gear in my store. 

It is interesting to see people’s faces when they ask what I carry and I hand them the list of stuff I pack lol

I have even done a few demonstrations and talks about what I carry and why. 

My crew always likes riding with me because they know I pack well and we will all do ok for a couple nights on the side of the mountain