Optimus Stove
I was very glad to have it
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Hi Lori,
Yes i did purchase the crux stove and pot from you. I have yet to use it as i carry it for emergency purposes only. It has help up in my pack quite well. I just looked at it this evening and the pot has some rust starting to form on the inside but im sure it still works with a little cleaning. I am thinking on actually using it this winter on one trip to see how it works out in the winter conditions. I inly have the two 110g fuel cells i purchased from you when I bought the stove and pot. The one cell fits nicely in the pot. The carrying bag for the whole thing i starting to rip at the seems so a better carrying bag would be nicer in the future i think. As for price i think its pretty good compared to anything else and packability its good. Doesnt take up much room. I carry a lighter in with it so i will be able to light it when need be.
As for a rating. I like it so 4/5. The carrying back could be better but i would recommend it to anyone too.