This Safety Presentation was a Welcomed Change!

Killam Public School
Cornerstone Christian Academy
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“Fast-paced, relevant, concrete examples, good use of media. Having sat through dozens of hours of health and safety meetings and presentations that were mind-numbingly boring, this was a welcomed change! It was very beneficial! The visual aids helped make the material more relevant and relatable to the kids, as well as Lori’s personal anecdotes. Lori’s manner of speaking did not come across as lecturing, but felt as though someone who had been through it and was sharing their stories. I think the program was very effective and I can’t think of any suggestions for improvements. It was evident that Lori wasn’t simply someone hired to do the presentation but someone who spoke with authority and experience. She was a very engaging speaker too! Many of our students come from farm families, and have grown up around machinery and some may take for granted the dangers of operating machinery. Yes I’d recommend this program, it forces students to rethink how they view recreational vehicles. Essential for any rural schools!”

Cornerstone Christian Academy, Kingman, AB