Waterproof Case for Emergency Flares

Product DescriptionFlare waterproof pelican case

A waterproof case that carries both pen launchers and 6 flares or 4 bear bangers (or a combination of the two).

The case has a built-in belt clip as well as a supplied carabiner (ideal for hikers) for easy carrying. For those walks in bear country, a banger and launcher can be safely fastened onto the outside of the case. The readied launcher cannot be fired when locked into the outside of the case, but can be quickly removed when needed.

The shiny silver instructional sticker on the back can also be used as a signaling device should you be limited to bangers or be out of signal flares.


Frankensled provides lifetime warranty that covers the saw in normal operating situations. The warranty does not cover damage due to rust, abuse, mishandling, unauthorized repair or normal wear on the blade. To receive warranty on your product contact Frankensled direct.  Follow this link to be redirected to Frankensled’s contact page – https://frankensled.com/pages/contact-us

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