Voile Heat Treated Shovel

Product Description

heat treated voile shovel durable

The Voile Telepro shovel is the choice of avalanche professionals, guides, patrollers, and rescue teams worldwide. Designed for mitts or gloves, it has a heavy-duty and comfortable D-grip for moving tons of snow. It also has a telescoping shaft for extended reach. The extra long handle adds efficiency and reduces strain on your lower back. Once collapsed, the handle removes easily from the scoop and stows conveniently in a pack for travel.
Its large scoop is cold forged from 6061 aluminum and then heat-treated to an impressive T6 temper.
T6-tempered 6061 aluminum has an ultimate tensile strength of 42,000 psi and yield strength of 35,000 psi. So what does all that mean? The end result is a scoop that rivals the strength and rigidity of a heavy, steel scoop you might find on a transfer shovel from a hardware store.
The shovel scoop of the Telepro Avalanche Shovel features a pair of slotted holes.  These “deadman” holes may used to fashion an emergency rescue sled or snow anchor.



Weight (lbs/kg)

1 lb.14oz/0.85kg





Handle only


Scoop only (LxW)


Scoop Material

6061-T6 Tempered

“Maximum usable length” comparison

100 cm – Voile Telepro Avalanche Shovel
65 cm – G3 AviTech Shovel
79 cm – BCA B-2 EXT
88 cm – Ortovox Kodiak
93 cm – Black Diamond Evac 7


Features that Zac’s likes:

– Economically priced considering the impressive durability and features

Round shaft allows user to ‘twist’ to break free the telescoping shaft should the telescopic shaft freeze together (oval shafts must be thawed out once frozen)

– Flat top suitable to use your boot to jam the shovel into the snow to chop blocks in dense avalanche debris

– D-handle comfortable and ergonomic no matter gloves or mitts or what side you are shoveling on, essential for serious shoveling situations.

Solid build with good curves and sides to create a strong blade and to direct snow when throwing it

– Durable corners with heat treated blade to chip dense snow

– Deadman holes allow for use as an emergency anchor

Most importantly, a long handle to keep you upright for less fatigue when shoveling and to keep your face out of the firing line of the rescuer shoveling snow in front of you!!  The Telepro Avalanche Shovel is longer than other top model avalanche shovels on the market


For warranty details please follow this link, it will redirect you to Voile’s website – http://www.voile.com/voile-warranty.html

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