Tumbler Ridge AST1 Field – Snowmobile Specific

Tumbler Ridge AST1 Field – 8 hour Hands-on Field Course

Meeting Time
~8:30am unload, sign out gear, purchase trail passes ~$20-25
9:00 am – Class start. Please be geared up and ready to ride for this time.
Return Time ~ 5:30 pm MST (Be prepared to return in the dark!)

Meeting Location –
Core Lodge Riding Area

When traveling from your home or hotel please allow enough time to account for road conditions, closures due to road maintenance, avalanche control and vehicle accidents. Class will still run if the highways are closed! Please plan accordingly.

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Choose ONE field day for the practical exercises.

All field classes will run with a maximum of 8 students per instructor.
Field days may be added or canceled depending on the number of registered students and instructor availability.

If your schedule allows, we recommend that you choose a Monday or a Friday for your field session as Saturday and Sundays are typically our largest groups.

The AST1 Classroom session must be completed before attending this field session.
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Core Lodge riding area, SW of Tumbler Ridge.

Driving Directions from Grande Prairie:
Drive through Beaverlodge and take a right heading west toward Goodfare on Hwy 671. You will drive through the Kelly Lake Reservation, continue until you come to a T-intersection, take a left onto the Heritage Highway. Stay on this Heritage Highway which is a mix of paved and unpaved sections until you reach signs for Boulder Gardens and the Peace River Coal Quintette Mine. Follow the road also known as the Core Lodge Road and stay left when you reach a T-intersection with a stop sign.
Now skip down to the pictures below.

Driving Directions from Dawson Creek:
Drive to Tumbler Ridge. Drive south (left onto Heritage Highway) out of Tumbler Ridge for about 30kms towards the Peace River Mine Road and turn right off the highway. Follow the road also know as the Core Lodge Road and stay left when you reach a T intersection with a stop sign.
Now skip down to the pictures below.

Check out the photos above of road signs that will help get you there if you have never been there before. The upper left photo is the blue sign as you approach the Core Lodge road from the Heritage Highway. The lower (wide) photo is the Core Lodge road itself that you need to turn onto. Upper right photo is the sign indicating the way to the Core Lodge staging area itself, once you see this white with red sign take your next left and 2nd right and you are there!

Tumbler Ridge Ridge Runners website.

Download a map of the local riding areas, please CLICK HERE.


  • All your avalanche gear – transceiver and backpack with probe and shovel (air bags not necessary)
    • Contact us if you need to borrow any gear for the day – Lori, 403-850-3042
  • AVALUATOR – slope evaluation card (received in the classroom – $15 if you forget)

    Companion Rescue Card

    Avaluator -Slope Evaluation

  • Companion Rescue Card (received in the classroom)
  • Warm clothes, thick soled boots for standing on the snow all day
  • Any emergency gear that you would normally bring on a day of riding
  • Lunch, thermos with hot beverage. NO ALCOHOL (Expect a ‘working lunch’. Eat while listening, snack between exercises. We will not access the cabin or a fire for lunch.)
  • ~$25 cash for trail fees
  • We will be completing NEW waivers in the parking lot. We recommend that you tear out the waiver from your classroom workbook or download a copy by CLICKING HERE If you print, read and fill out your contact details beforehand you can bring the completed waiver to the staging area and one of your instructors will act as your witness. We will bring copies of the waiver to the staging area however it is a bit nicer for you to complete the paperwork ahead of time rather than in the snow!


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