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Stove works great, use it for hunting, ice fishing as well. Packs away great easy to set up and put away fuel fits in the pot you showed me and I bought as the package.
 I have a Brunton as well and it is great but does not set up or pack away as quickly and I tend to use it less.
 Overall would recommend the stove and I enjoy it very much.

Happy with the stove, have carried it every sled trip. Easy to pack and compact. Have probably only used it once. Happy with it so 5/5.
Same for the dried food packs. Packed it everywhere but never used it, saved for emergency. Brent

Hi Lori,
I have used the stove some (about 3 or 4 110 gr. canisters of fuel). I carry it primarily as an emergency stove but have used it for cooking on the trail as well. It seems to work reliably and is still small and light enough to easily fit into a pack. I would give it a 4 out of 5. 

I love the stoves compact ability, I haven't used it yet but there were two separate instances last winter where I was getting ready to set up camp for the night and I was very glad to have it. I would like something lighter weight but doubt that would be possible. But so far I would give it a 5 rating, and I didn't have to get canisters yet.

I use a large part of your list of items to carry in my list as well. I have a lot of redundancy in my setup and I am trimming it down.  I don't use the stove much. I have it more for an emergency item. But on the days that it gets nasty it sure is nice to have a hot drink.  I think a lot of backcountry riders don't carry a stove. I honestly think that a lot of riders don't carry enough. We strongly promote carrying back country gear as well emergency and survival gear in my store.  It is interesting to see people's faces when they ask what I carry and I hand them the list of stuff I pack lol I have even done a few demonstrations and talks about what I carry and why.  My crew always likes riding with me because they know I pack well and we will all do ok for a couple nights on the side of the mountain  Thanks, Aaron

Hi Lori,
Yes i did purchase the crux stove and pot from you. I have yet to use it as i carry it for emergency purposes only. It has help up in my pack quite well. I just looked at it this evening and the pot has some rust starting to form on the inside but im sure it still works with a little cleaning. I am thinking on actually using it this winter on one trip to see how it works out in the winter conditions. I inly have the two 110g fuel cells i purchased from you when I bought the stove and pot. The one cell fits nicely in the pot. The carrying bag for the whole thing i starting to rip at the seems so a better carrying bag would be nicer in the future i think. As for price i think its pretty good compared to anything else and packability its good. Doesnt take up much room. I carry a lighter in with it so i will be able to light it when need be.
As for a rating. I like it so 4/5. The carrying back could be better but i would recommend it to anyone too.

Hey Lori, I have not yet had to use my stove set yet so that could be a plus that I've always made it down the mountain 🙂 lol but I did also purchase a bunch of extra fuel canisters as well just in case I do need to use it. I like to be well prepared that's for sure. They all call me mother out there, probably because I over pack! Better to be safe than sorry I say. So for not having used it I will say that it is light and compact and easy to carry. I would currently recommend it and think it is a great idea and I think you should keep it on your in stock list for sure! Regards, Amber Giroux

Hi Lori!
I've only lite it once but always have it with me when sledding...piece of mind.  My daughter has used it on several backpacking hikes and thinks it's really good...and no issues so far? appears to be holding up.
Her works well for small meals for 2 people.  Shielding the flame helps cook faster. It cools off fast for repacking.

Hey Lori
Ya I've been able to use it a couple of times but not as much as I've hoped. It works great , packability is probably the best part, and for me the price point was fine. I also purchased extra fuel at the time of purchase but haven't needed it yet. I've also used another model that a buddy has and they work similar his is just bigger and harder to pack away. I personally would recommend this stock for back country riding but like I said I do have limited use with it but that is all I purchased it for as well.

Hi Lori,
Yes I have used the stove, in the back country.
It works really well. High quality and compact. I also use this stove in my Hunting pack. 
Thank you, Joe