Waterproof Fabric – Radio Mic Cover

Product Description

Ripstop nylon stitched with a stretchy draw cord. Not a true waterproof mic cover, (don’t drop it in a puddle!), but this lightweight waterproof fabric cover helps keep the radio mic protected from snow, rain, mud and dirt with only a negligible drop in audio volume and clarity.

Simple fix, and fits most external microphone/speakers.

These covers are Zacs preferred choice.  In the fall of 2021 we chose new fabrics that are now waterproof, rather than water-resistant, and are extremely pleased with their performance. We have moved the stitched logo off to the side to avoid needle punctures directly over the speaker area of the mic. We have also changed the plastic fastener to a smaller, flatter style making it easier to tuck inside the fabric and out of the way.

Waterproof Fabric - Radio Mic Covers from Zacs Tracs

Zacs Tracs chooses new waterproof material which covers speaker and controls on handheld radio mics to keep water, snow and other debris from impairing the sound quality and the electronics.

We find it a fantastic alternative to FrogzskinTM adhesive mic covers to keep water out of external mics for BCA Link and the Rhino radios.  No need to worry about the strength and longevity of the adhesive and your placement when you are attaching it to the mic.  Especially good for the BCA Link radios as the full cover protects the dial from bumping off the desired channel and keeps the controls from freezing as well.

This mic cover fits Baofang, Motorola, Kenwood and other two-way radios as well.  What we like best is the simplicity of the design.  Just pull the drawstring to close.  Thats it.  One and done.

Follow the pictures below to install your mic cover easily over the mic, tighten the elastic closure and tuck inside the fabric.

Light material to shed snow, moisture and dirt from damaging radio speaker mic  Steps to install waterproof fabric cover on radio mic

Pull the stretchy cord to widen the opening at the bottom of the cover.  Pass the mic, from front to back, through the drawstrings so the front of the cover is over the face of the speaker mic.  Draw the cord tight and arrange the gathers of the fabric to evenly tighten around the back side of the mic without interfering with the clip.  To hide the excess cord simply tuck into the fabric cover or trim it off.

Simple alternative to frog skin to protect mic from water and dirt  Zacs Tracs Water Resistant Radio Mic Cover

These mic covers were designed by Jordy Shepherd, ACMG Mountain Guide and owner of Peak Alpine from Canmore, AB.  Peak Alpine and Zacs Tracs have been supplying industrial organizations as well as the ski and snowmobile communities with this creative option since 2016. 

Proudly designed and stitched in Canada.

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Depending on our stock, these covers are often available in black, blue, red, orange, yellow and hot pink.  Please give us your preferences when ordering.

Simple alternative to waterproof radio mic cover

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