AST1 Training in McBride, BC

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Community Avalanche Training
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* AST Level 1 Classroom Session $200 – 8.5hr

* AST Level 1 Field Session $175 – 9hr

*Discounts up to $50* and *Credits up to $90* available when booking your AST Level 1 Class and Field at the same time.
Youth discounts, Refresher discounts, group credits and early season credits are available!

AST 1 Class Session
– 8.5 hour (Indoor)

Meeting Time:  December 16 & 17, 2020
5:30pm – Doors open
6:00pm – 10:30pm – Class    2 evenings

Meeting Location: – To Be Determined
McBride, BC

Please bring $20 cash for lunch and refreshments for the day!
A course video will be watched over the lunch hour and everyone must stay in and eat.

The AST Level 1 is considered the minimum level of training that backcountry riders should have. It is an excellent introduction to how to “not get caught”…recognizing hazards in the terrain, how and why the snow structure changes, group management and route selection to reduce risk exposure as well as introductory companion rescue skills…  READ MORE


AST 1 Field Session
– 9 hour (Outdoor)

Choose ONE field day.

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A certificate of completion for the AST1 is awarded to those riders that complete the hands-on mountain field session.
Mountain training is very important. Understanding the signs of unstable snow, choosing terrain and proper travel habits are the key to managing the risks in avalanche areas. Habits are hard to break but by actually… READ MORE

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HOST HOTEL – Cougar Mountain Lodge B&B

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Quaint and cozy rooms nestled in the heart of Robson Valley.
Enjoy a full breakfast with your choices of
Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs Benedict, and much, much more.

They also have the loyalty program, stay for 5 nights and
get the 6th night for free. The nights don’t have to consecutive,
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“Kevin, Justina and little Paige are wonderful hosts and make you feel right at home!  Every morning there is a big homemade breakfast of your choice waiting for you at your select time… Monica recommends the french toast and blueberries (;  And for lunch on the hill, a full lunch packed for you filled with lots of goodies, even a thermos of chili or beef stew! The good food doesn’t stop there, come home after a long day of riding to ANOTHER home cooked meal! The hospitality is endless! We had a wonderful stay and hope you book and enjoy it as well! … Oh and there’s a hot tub as well(; !” – Zacs Team