Flares & Bear Bangers in Waterproof Case

Product Description


 This kit includes 1 launcher, 3 red distress signal flares, 2 bear bangers, instructions and our carrying case.

The red 15,000 candle power distress flares fly in excess of 150 feet high, and have a sparkling tail. This tail is ideal for checking wind direction and helps make the flare more visible. At 150 feet, you will be able to get above most trees and canopies, to signal for help should you need.

The two bangers that are included are great audio signals as well as animal deterrents. When launched, the bangers will fly about 125 feet, then explode producing a shot gun like blast. This loud blast is ideal for signalling others to your whereabouts or to scare off unwanted animals such as bear, coyotes, and deer (bucks are not as friendly as Bambi in the fall, and account for more injuries than all other animals combined in parks).

flare kit bear bangers waterproof caseThe kit also includes a custom-made waterproof case which contains all the contents, and can be carried by the supplied belt clip or carabiner. For those walks in bear country, a banger can be fastened onto the launcher, then safely mounted on the outside of the case. The readied launcher can not be fired when locked into the outside of the case, and can be removed quickly and easily for use.

Flares must be kept cool and dry to maintain quality.

Flares are an inexpensive yet indispensable survival tool that EVERYONE in the backcountry should carry.  Light, easy to pack and vital for their audio and visual functions that help alert other riders and emergency personnel to your location.


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