Avaluator 2 Slope Evaluation Matrix

The Avaluator has underwent a few changes in 2010. The Slope Evaluation card for this updated Version has a new matrix that correlates field observations about avalanche conditions with terrain factors.

Avalanche Canada Avaluator2 Slope Evaluation Card

Avaluator – Slope Evaluation

avalanche conditions versus terrain characteristics

Avalanche Canada – Avaluator Slope Evaluation graph

As you review both the Avalanche Conditions Warning Signs and the Terrain Characteristics notice that some relate to increased probability of triggering an avalanche and some relate to increased consequences if one is triggered.

This makes sense when one considers this definition of Risk:
Risk = Probability * Consequence * Exposure * Vulnerability

CLICK HERE to watch a TED Talk by Grant Statham from Parks Canada for a great discussion about risk.

These sheets are scanned from the AVALUATOR2 booklet. Please forgive the quality!
CLICK HERE to download a .pdf version of these sheets
Take some time to review this article as it will improve your confidence and ability to apply the card to your riding area.