Avalanche training – Toronto area

NOTE: Zacs Tracs crew have decided to postpone INDOOR classroom sessions until the 2022-23 season.

ONLINE AST1 Classroom content for 2021-22 can be accessed through our partners at Hangfire Avalanche Training.

Zacs is still offering OUTDOOR AST1 Field Sessions in Valemount with our Zacs Tracs Field Instructors and in Golden and Revelstoke with Trigger Point/Hangfire Instructors. If you still have a field credit, now is the time to book it and complete your AST1 certificate!

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Community Avalanche Training
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* Rescue Workshop – 3hr

* AST Level 1 Classroom Session – 8.5hr

* AST Level 1 Field Session – 9hr

The exact town and training location for this course has not been decided yet.  A convenient location will be chosen ~mid-October based on the preference of the pre-registered students.  The classroom location will be within an hour and a half of the Toronto International Airport.

Pricing for students prepaid by Nov 8

Min 15 people – pricing $400/p
16-20 people – pricing $375/p
21-25 people – pricing $325/p
26-30 people – pricing $300/p
31 or more – pricing $275/p

This is a custom class that will require extra travel expenses.  This pricing includes the 3 hr Rescue Workshops on Friday and the 8hr classroom session on Saturday.
The pricing chart above helps to confirm and run the program with a minimum class size, however, once the base expenses are covered the pricing per person will drop.  This means it is to your advantage to spread the word about this class.  The more people that attend the better the pricing is for you!  Besides, you want all those people that you ride with training and skilled to look after you!  😉
Final pricing will be based on the number of prepaid students.  Refunds will be issued to those that paid at the higher amounts.

AST 1 Class Session
– 8.5 hour (Indoor)

Meeting Time: 8:00am – Doors open
8:30am – 5:00pm – Class

All Toronto classes postponed until the 2022-23 season

Please bring your own lunch and refreshments for the day!
A course video will be watched over the lunch hour and everyone must stay in and eat.

The AST Level 1 is considered the minimum level of training that backcountry riders should have. It is an excellent introduction to how to “not get caught”…recognizing hazards in the terrain, how and why the snow structure changes, group management and route selection to reduce risk exposure as well as introductory companion rescue skills…  READ MORE


Rescue Workshop
– 3 hour (Indoor/Outdoor)

Meeting Time: – 6:00pm – Doors open
6:30pm – 9:30pm – Class

All Toronto classes postponed until the 2022-23 season


Details – This will be an indoor presentation and hands on introductory workshop. It is highly recommended to BRING YOUR PERSONAL TRANSCEIVER, PROBE, SHOVEL, BACKPACK, AND WINTER GLOVES.
(If you require Zacs to provide demo equipment please email:  lori@zacstracs.com.  We need to arrange shipping to fly out additional equipment.)
Please dress for the weather as we may take the opportunity to go outdoors for part of the program.

If you should ever find yourself in the situation to need it, the transceiver search should be second nature, freeing your mind up for more complicated rescue needs. Learn how transceivers operate and methods to use when searching for multiple signals.
Digital or analog….what is the best?
Single search, multiple search…learn tips to improve speed and quality.

Avalanche probes and shovels look pretty simple, but there are still important… READ MORE  about Zac’s Rescue Workshop programs.

It is recommended that you label all personal gear with your name to prevent loss.

AST 1 Field Session
– 9 hour (Outdoor) $200

Choose ONE field day.

CLICK HERE to view all available Field Sessions

A certificate of completion for the AST1 is awarded to those riders that complete the hands-on mountain field session.
Mountain training is very important. Understanding the signs of unstable snow, choosing terrain and proper travel habits are the key to managing the risks in avalanche areas. Habits are hard to break but by actually… READ MORE

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