Pieps Pro BT Transceiver

Product Description

Pieps Pro Bluetooth avalanche transceiver

Pieps Pro Bluetooth avalanche transceiver

  • 3 Antennae with Search Strip width of 60 m
  • Bluetooth and Pieps-App for updates and customized settings
  • MARK function helpful in multiple burial scenarios
  • Detailed SCAN function
    – distance & direction of 4 closest transmitters
  • Backlit display – readable in all light conditions
  • Battery life greater than 600 h in send-mode with Lithium batteries
  • Self-check of electronics during power-on displaying current software and error codes if problems detected
  • Vibration as well as direction (arrows) and distance (numbers) indication once signal first detected (some other transceivers only give partial information until the searcher is nearer to the transmitter and the signal is stronger.)
  • Auto-Antenna-Switch: should the transceiver detect interference with another electronic device such as a phone, radio, GPS… the transceiver will automatically transmit on the antenna experiencing the least amount of interference.
  • iPROBE support (electronic probe that can receive signals from a transmitter within a range of ~1m, assists in the final search phase.  For more info regarding the Pieps iPROBE:  CLICK HERE )
  • Group Check Extended tests other transceiver’s signal, frequency, pulse, period.
  • TX600 support (Mini transmitter intended to speed up the location of buried snowmobiles, equipment or dogs.   Read More about the TX600: CLICK HERE )
  • Integrated inclinometer
  • Auto revert on ‘No Motion’ setting through Bluetooth app.  Continuous alarm if auto revert triggered (Most transceiver’s audio alarms shut off once auto-revert is triggered.  This means user may be unaware of accidental auto-revert.  Rescue can be seriously disrupted by unintentionally transmitting units on surface of rescue scene.) 
  • Review the Pieps Pro official website for more information:  CLICK HERE





Maximum Range

60 m
Search Strip Width

60 m

Dimensions (LxWxH)

118mm x 76mm x 29mm
Weight (incl. batteries)

230 g

Power Supply

3 AAA Batteries
Battery Lifetime

600 hrs in SEND

Transmission Frequency (according to EN300718)

457 kHz
Temperature Range

-20C to +45C

Carrying System
  • High comfort and low weight
  • Neoprene pouch with comfortable strap
  • Fast pull system for device handling

Pieps DSP Pro Carrying SystemPieps DSP Pro Carrying System




For warranty details please follow this link, it will redirect you to Black Diamond Equipments website.  There you will find a application to fill out a warranty request- http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en_CA/warranty-repairs.html 

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