Pieps Powder BT Transceiver

Product Description

Pieps Powder BT marking transceiver with 3 antennae

Pieps Powder Bluetooth transceiver

  • 3 Antennae with Search Strip width of 60 m
  • Bluetooth and Pieps-App for updates and customized settings
  • MARK function helpful in multiple burial scenarios
  • Backlit display – readable in all light conditions
  • Battery life greater than 300 h in send-mode with Lithium batteries
  • Self-check of electronics during power-on displaying current software and error codes if problems detected
  • Auto-Antenna-Switch: should the transceiver detect interference with another electronic device such as a phone, radio, GPS… the transceiver will automatically transmit on the antenna experiencing the least amount of interference.
  • iPROBE support (electronic probe that can receive signals from a transmitter within a range of ~1m, assists in the final search phase.  For more info regarding the Pieps iPROBE:  CLICK HERE )
  • Group Check tests other transceiver’s signal, frequency.
  • Auto revert on ‘No Motion’ setting through Bluetooth app.  Choose timing of either 60s/90s/120s. 
  • Continuous alarm if auto revert triggered (Most transceiver’s audio alarms shut off once auto-revert is triggered.  This means user may be unaware of accidental auto-revert.  Rescue can be seriously disrupted by unintentionally transmitting units on surface of rescue scene.) 
  • Review the Piep Powder User Manuel for detailed info: CLICK HERE
  • Review the Pieps Powder official website for more information:  CLICK HERE





Maximum Range

60 m
Search Strip Width

60 m

Dimensions (LxWxH)

118mm x 76mm x 29mm
Weight (incl. batteries)

220 g

Power Supply

3 AAA Batteries
Battery Lifetime

300 hrs in SEND

Transmission Frequency (according to EN300718)

457 kHz
Temperature Range

-20C to +45C

Pieps DSP Pro Carrying System

Carrying System
  • High comfort and low weight
  • Neoprene pouch with comfortable strap
  • Fast pull system for device handling


For warranty details please follow this link, it will redirect you to Black Diamond Equipments website.  There you will find a application to fill out a warranty request- http://blackdiamondequipment.com/en_CA/warranty-repairs.html 

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