Pieps iProbe

Product Description

A mini receiver built into the iProbe will alert the searcher with beep tones once the iProbe tip is within 1m of any brand of transmitting beacon. The searcher then will begin a grid or spiral pinpoint search. Once the iProbe is within 50cm, the sound will change to a continuous beep. Even without a physical hit the searcher will be confident they have reached the buried victim’s core.

ADDITIONAL FEATURE:  When using the iProbe and digital Pieps transceivers (Pro, Sport, DSP, or Tour) together, a multiple burial situation is simplified.  Pushing the ‘Mark’ button on the iProbe will suppress the signal of the located Pieps transceiver.  While the located transceiver is temporarily ‘quiet’, this signal will drop away from all the other searchers devices (no matter the type of beacon they are using).  While a team is recovering Burial #1, the search is now SIMPLIFIED as the searchers can concentrate on locating additional buried victims WITHOUT requiring a multiple search strategy and WITHOUT losing any search range.
(Pressing the ‘Mark’ button on many digital beacons works well, but it does result in a slight loss of receiving range for the searcher’s beacon.  ‘Marking’ with the iProbe eliminates this problem.)

For more information and a short video visit the Pieps official website:  CLICK HERE


Tube diameter 12.50 cm
Length 300 cm
Probe Length (mechanical + electronical) 350 cm
Weight 470 g
Power Supply 1 AA Alkaline battery
Battery Lifetime 125 min
Receiving Frequency 457 kHz
Approaching Range 0.5 – 2 m
Temperature Range -20C to +45C


Average Duration for Fine Search And Pinpointing

with classical probe with PIEPS iPROBE Time saving
Fine search 52s 21s 60%
Pinpointing 29s 12s 60%

in dependence of the probe type (Source: PIEPS)



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