Frankensled Saw Chain

Product Description

Saw Chain

36″ Aggressive cutting chain with wrist straps. Nylon pouch  included.

Well priced, durable, aggressive saw that fits in your pack, on your belt or in a storage bag on your machine.

Saw Chain and Pouch from FrankensledThe 3 foot chain is has cutting surfaces on all links giving the quickest, smoothest cut possible from a hand chain saw.  With oversized handles it allows you to pull on the loop, or insert your hand and allow the strap to sit on your wrist to eliminate hand fatigue during cutting.  Wrist straps make tough work a little easier when using this ‘chain saw in a can’ style pocket saw chain to cut wood for emergency and survival situations.

Aggressive teeth for pocket chain saw

Nylon Pouch for the Saw Chain

Convenient nylon pouch that protects the saw with a loop sewn on the back to conveniently carry on your belt.  Easy to carry and use no matter your backcountry activity.



Frankensled provides lifetime warranty that covers the saw in normal operating situations. The warranty does not cover damage due to rust, abuse, mishandling, unauthorized repair or normal wear on the blade. To receive warranty on your product contact Frankensled direct.  Follow this link to be redirected to Frankensled’s contact page –

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