Dealer Offer 2020

There is a great deal of avalanche and backcountry gear on the market and it can be overwhelming.

For more than 20 years Zacs Tracs has been providing avalanche training for mountain snowmobilers in Canada, the northern US, Alaska and even Europe.  During these years we have field tested a diverse range of equipment from various manufacturers.  Together with feedback received from thousands of our snowmobile students, we have created a listing of recommended backcountry gear we believe to be useful, reliable and fairly priced.

Two of our manufacturers have offered us new volume discounts for pre-season orders. We are sharing this information with you as both products have broad consumer appeal and attractive price points.  They are highly useful and highly visible accessories.  Add your logo.  Use them as giveaways.  Add them in to package purchases.  Offer them for sale in summer and winter seasons.

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Orders confirmed by April 17 will qualify for the pre-season pricing outlined below.

Convenient webbing to make pulling out a stuck sled easier
Simple alternative to waterproof radio mic cover

Snowmobile Ski Pull Straps

Handy tool to add leverage.  Loop around the ski hoop and pull as a stuck rider powers out.  The strap is too short to get caught up in the track so the rider can continue traveling until they can confidently park, remove the sling and get back to riding.  Short enough to quickly loop back on the bars – easy to grab and go!

  • Want to add your logo? Want us to arrange it? Email us with the quantity for a quote .
  • 5 colours: black, orange, yellow, red and blue.
  • We retail Pull Straps for $10 and also use them as a giveaway to avalanche course students.
  • Cost effective and the perfect length.
  • CLICK HERE to watch a short video. 
  • Helper has less back stress and is positioned safely out of path of the sled while pulling.
  • Use to lift a tunnel spun down in a deep trench.
  • Not just for mountain use. Many people don’t always take shovels with them for riding around home.  Great tool to have onboard all the time.

Alternatives retail for $15-$25.

  • 2-handle option available from Mountain Labs yet over twice the price. Too long to conveniently mount to the bars.  Need to carry it in your pocket or sled storage bag.
Zacs Tracs straps to pull out stuck snowmobiles come in a variety of colors.

Water Resistant Microphone Covers

The cover increases water resistance by repelling snow and other substances from the recesses.  They also help mitigate wind noise.  Easy to install with a stretchy draw string to fit common mics. ZacsTracs has been supplying industrial organizations as well as the snowmobile and ski communities with this creative option since 2016.

  • Made in Canada
  •   More details and pictures
  • Order pricing: 30-60 units @ $12.50 each
    61 -120 @ $11.85   121+ @ $11.25 each
  • Want to add your logo? What us to arrange it? Email us with the quantity for a quote.
  • 4 colours: black, orange, lime green, and red.
  • We retail Mic Covers for $15
  • Ripstop nylon stitched with a stretchy draw cord. This lightweight fabric cover helps keep the radio mic protected from snow, rain, mud and dirt with only a negligible drop in audio volume and clarity.
  • Fits BCA Link, Rhino, Baofeng, Motorola, Kenwood. Especially effective with BCA Link as the full cover protects the dial from bumping off channel and keeps controls from freezing.

Alternatives retail for $5-50.

  • Mountain Labs now market a similar fabric cover retailing for $49.99 in the MSD catalogue.
  • Frogskinz cost less, however customers have told us the adhesive was not long lasting.
Simple alternative to waterproof radio mic cover

For over 20 years snowmobilers have trusted Zacs with their training knowing we have everyone’s best interests at heart.
We offer you our recommendations because they work.

Please know, if we trust them, then you can too.

Feel free to call Lori at (403) 850-3042 if you have any questions about these products or any other backcountry or avalanche safety products or training opportunities.

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Orders confirmed by April 17 will qualify for the pre-season pricing outlined above.

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