Avalanche Canada Trip Planner

In order to use the Avalanche Canada Trip Planner component of the AVALUATOR properly we need two pieces of information: the avalanche danger rating and the ATES terrain rating.

Breaking down how to use the Avalanche Canada Trip Planner

To obtain the Avalanche Danger Rating we need to obtain the Public Avalanche Bulletin and choose the hazard rating of the elevation band and day that we wish to travel on. NOTE that if we are traveling below tree-line and our choice is challenging or complex terrain then we must choose the highest level of predicted avalanche danger. i.e. if danger is rated as Considerable, Considerable, Moderate we would need to use Considerable as the highest rating of danger even though the below tree line rating is only moderate. The assumption is that most challenging and complex avalanche terrain has exposure to upper elevations.

Next we need the Terrain Ratings for the areas that we plan to ride. Some of the snowmobile areas have been professionally rated. This means that pockets of some riding areas have been labeled as Simple, Challenging, or Complex Avalanche Hazard.

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After selecting the appropriate Bulletin Region, select “Snowmobile Riding” as your method of travel. Drill down on the Google Earth image and reset the center of the map until you get down to the level of the staging area that you are interested in.
Each time that you click on a snowflake or caution sign a table of details will pop up and the Trip Planner chart will also plot your intended trip.

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