Alpineaire Freeze Dried Chicken Meals

Product Description

AlpineAire takes pride in choosing the freshest, most nutritious ingredients that not only taste great, but will sustain you on your adventures. They use natural ingredients that don’t contain additives like coloring, flavoring or preservatives, so you know exactly what you are eating. No surprises!

By providing visual icons on their packaging, you are provided easy access to the information you seek, and can feel confident in the decisions you make for yourself or your family. Some of the icons are a quick reference for items that fit your dietary needs, and for others, the icons serve as confirmation that you have made the right choice. The icons that are most commonly used are Gluten Free, Lower Sodium, No MSG Added and No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives added. Knowing what to look for will help make your selection quick and easy.

AlpineAire offers one of the broadest selections of Gluten Free meals on the market. They are proud to offer the widest variety of Gluten Free options to you, whether it is essential to your diet, or as a “just because” option. We understand the restrictions that following a diet can have, and are happy to be able to provide you with choices that provide you comfort and allow you to enjoy the outdoors just the same.



Weight 156g
Ideal for Backpacking, Winter and  Summer expedition camping
Serving size 1/2 package
Servings 2
Weight 156g
Cook in Package Yes

Our chicken flavours we offer:
  • Chicken Burrito Bowl (a Zacs fav)
  • Chicken Gumbo
  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Mesquite BBQ Seasoned Chicken with Beans & Rice
  • Spicy Sausage Pasta


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