Suunto Compass/Clinometer

Product DescriptionSuunto Compass Clinometer navigation

  • Balanced for northern and/or southern hemisphere
  • Clinometer
  • Large mirror
  • Jewel bearing
  • Adjustable declination correction scale
  • Additional sighting hole for superior accuracy
  • Base plate with magnifying lens
  • Luminous two-color bezel ring
  • Detachable snap-lock in lanyard
  • Wristlock in the lanyard
  • cm or inch scales



Weight 94 g (3.30 oz)
Measurements 52 x 77 x 15 mm
Glass material Acrylic
Battery type no battery required
Tripod mount
Conversion table cosine 0-45°

cotangent 0-45°

Carrying pouch  ✓
Attachment lanyard

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