Refund / Cancellation Policy


Due to the nature of the training that Zac’s Tracs provides we require the following Refund and Cancellation Policy. In order for us to bring the Avalanche Skills Training courses to such a broad range of communities there are costs that are incurred including instructors, meeting rooms, locations, etc, which cannot be recouped by Zac’s Tracs unless the courses take place and are filled to capacity.
  1. CANCELLATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN WRITING (letter, fax or email) and are only effective once Zac’s Tracs confirms the receipt of this written notice of cancellation.
  2. Course registrations CANCELLED WITH MORE THAN 14 DAYS NOTICE will be refunded, less a $25 administration fee.
  3. Course registrations CANCELLED WITH 7-14 DAYS NOTICE will have 50% of the program fees refunded.
  4. There will be NO REFUNDS for ANY cancellations with LESS THAN ONE WEEK notice.
  5. COURSE REGISTRATIONS MAY BE TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER person. The new registrant must pay a $25 switch fee and ensure that they have either (a) taken the prerequisite classes, or have (b) registered and paid for the prerequisites prior to participating in the session in question.
  6. Courses are NOT WEATHER DEPENDENT. Non-attendance due to weather is considered a cancellation and the full course fee will be charged.
  7. Zac’s Tracs reserves the right to cancel any scheduled Course should the number of registrations not reach the minimum number required to make the course viable. All course fees will be returned to the student. Other expenses incurred by the student related to the program or as a result of Zac’s Tracs cancelling the program are the responsibility of the registered participant.

Emergency Cancellation Insurance coverage is available. This, taken at extra cost when you first book, will allow for a full refund should you be forced to cancel FOR HEALTH OR MEDICAL reasons AFFECTING YOURSELF OR MEMBERS OF YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. We strongly recommend you take this coverage.

CLICK HERE to view the Emergency Medical Cancellation Insurance Policy

The premium for this Emergency Medical Cancellation Insurance is only 5% of the applicable course fee.

Student does not have a unique Email Address

In order to properly register for an avalanche training session, a UNIQUE Name and Email Address MUST BE USED for each person that you register. This pre-registration process must be completed separately for each person.
Once you have reached the Store, please select all the classes and gear desired for the ONE PERSON that you are registering.
All of these purchases will be linked to the ORIGINAL Email Address that was keyed into page 1 of the Pre-Registration Process and count as ONE PERSON.

If unique email addresses are not available for each member of your group there are two options:

Option #1 – Use the Fax In Registration Process.
CLICK HERE to download the 2 page registration form.

Option #2 – Using the Online System
When prompted, please enter a ‘special’ email address to trigger a seat in the course. For the purposes of this system, enter the first and last name of the person without an email address and use to complete the email address.
For example –

While Bob will not receive any emails with course details, Bob will be properly registered to attend. All courses purchased during the Registration and Shopping Cart process will be linked to Bob Smith properly.

You may either go back to the Storefront to continue your purchase or CLICK HERE return to the Registration Area and choose the option that works best for your situation!

Avalanche Course Fees for Individuals


Please contact Zac’s to quote a custom course.
These day rates and expenses will vary depending on the timing, size of the group, and the location of the program. Actual course rates may be higher or lower than those quoted here.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality course available throughout many communities in Western Canada for a reasonable cost. In almost all cases class fees for Zac’s Tracs hosted courses are the same no matter if they are delivered in Yorkton, SK in Edmonton, AB or in Golden, BC.

Package Rates are available! CLICK HERE to view.
In general rates usually work out to:
Classroom Session AST Level 1: $200 ~ 8+ hrs

  • 45 page full color course workbook (exclusive to Zac’s Tracs)
  • Avaluator2 card & guide book
  • Sledding in Avalanche Terrain course manual
  • Handouts related to rescue and backcountry preparedness

Field Session AST Level 1: $175 ~ 8+ hrs

  • includes snow study and rescue props for the day
  • large selection of new model rescue equipment for student demo

Beacon Workshop: ~ $ 50-75 ~ 2-4 hrs

  • includes handouts
  • large selection of new model rescue equipment for student demo

This session may be run as an indoor presentation or an outdoor interactive session…depends on group size and logistics of the teaching location.

2-3 hour CAC Seminars: $25-50/pp or $65/family, donations accepted

  • includes a free Avaluator2
  • Friends Membership to the CAC

Expenses supported by the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) Snowmobile Outreach Program.