Frequently Asked Questions

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Zac’s Tracs Avalanche Training programs
Who are Zac’s Tracs and why should I choose them?
What types of courses does Zac’s Tracs offer?
I just ride in high traffic areas, do I need avalanche training?
How do I contact a Zac’s Tracs representative for more information?
Can someone from the Zac’s Team phone or email me to help select training programs?
Do I qualify for a discount?
What do we need to bring on the field day?
What about the weather?
We have taken an AST 1 course. What’s next?
What can I expect in the AST 2 advanced class?
What do I need to know to HOST a course?

What are PWLs? Persistent Weak Layers?
Solar Aspects – to avoid or not?
The Spooky Snowpack – Dec 2008
Snow Conditions and Riding Areas
What is a Ski-Cut or a Skier Controlled Avalanche

Avalanche Resources
Where do I find a current Public Avalanche Bulletin?
What is the AVALUATOR?
How to use the AVALUATOR Trip Planner
Are there obvious clues that can alert me to dangerous situations?
Should I buy an avalanche air bag?
Rescue Resources
Emergency Communication Tools
Equipment Rentals
Where can I find avalanche related news stories?
How do they keep the highways safe? They keep Rick Mercer far, far away!

Avalanche Accidents or News
How do ski hills keep guest safe? How are avalanches ‘controlled’ with explosives? An awesome 20 minute video from Fernie Alpine Resort.
What is it like to be fully buried in an avalanche?
What is it like to be caught or help in a rescue?
Broken Femur, January 2013
Early season avalanche accident, survivor account
Should I help a stuck sledder?
What are early season instabilities like?
Why do people react so differently during an avalanche rescue?
What does a slab avalanche look like in motion?
Record snowmobile fatalities 2008-09…were there similarities in the terrain?
Rest in Peace Albert
But they were experienced…why did they get caught?
Where can I find archived Zac’s Tracs Newsletters?
Support Your Sport

What is the best gear to buy?