Indoor and Outdoor Avalanche Rescue Workshops

You have got the gear… Learn how to use it!

Tools are only as good as the operator…

Could you locate someone? …quickly?!
Could your friends find you? …in time?!

If you should ever find yourself in the situation to need it, the transceiver search should be second nature, freeing your mind up for more complicated rescue needs.

This is a hands on session with transceivers, shovels, probes, and backpacks. Bring your own or learn about the options available using our equipment to experiment with. This evening session includes a video, discussion and indoor practice of strategies for the recovery of deeply buried riders. As well, small groups strategize by delegating riders and resources during complex search scenarios using Zac’s Tracs magnetic rescue training boards.

CLICK HERE to view more pictures from this Rescue Workshop (RW) in Edmonton. This link will take you to Zac’s Facebook page. You do not need to have an account or log in to see our Business Page. Be sure to open each picture as there are teaching comments attached to most of the pictures.

CLICK HERE for pictures from the Rescue Workshop (RW) in Fort McMurray.

Digital or analog….what is the best? One antennae, two, three…? What is the difference? Marking features? Are they worth the extra cost?

Avalanche probes and shovels look pretty simple, but there are still important techniques to get the best performance out of the gear without destroying it. Avalanche snow can be brutal.

Finally, put this all together in a group scenario to discover 5 key questions that must be asked before any avy rescue.

Avalanche rescue is not a skill that you want to learn as you go. Training can give you the tools to save a life!

We encourage everyone to attend these workshops. These sessions will put you a step ahead of others during your AST 1 Mountain Field session. Rather than working on the basic functions of the gear in the practical rescue session at the mountains your mind will be more open and ready to work on more team work functions that equate to real time savings during an actual emergency.

The 3 hour Rescue Workshops (RW) presentation will cover all makes and models of transceivers commonly available in North America.
This will be an indoor / outdoor presentation. Please bring your personal transceiver, probe, shovel, backpack and a set of winter gloves if you already own these items, however it is not necessary. Demo units will be available. Please dress for the weather as we may take the opportunity to go outdoors for part of the program.
It is recommended that you label all personal gear with your name to prevent loss.

In this exercise each participant has a set of colored disks. With each step the searcher drops a colored disk on the floor as they follow the flux line (transceiver signal) into the transmitter in the middle of the circle.

Try to follow the trail on the floor created by each color as they converge on the transmitter at the center of the gymnasium.

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