Candles to Remember

PLEASE NOTE: – Initially, this webpage was developed to host Candles to Remember fundraising materials.

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Over time it has evolved to become an access point for online donations to the Canadian Avalanche Centre.
Read this article from the Calgary Sun:
Avalanche Centre in Distress – Snowmobilers aren’t revved up about supporting service that saves so many lives

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Avalanche Centre in Distress

The public image of our sport is becoming seriously tarnished by recent events and our lack of financial support, privately and corporately for the services of the Canadian Avalanche Centre. We need to come together to create a shift in our community.

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Update Mar 27While the Candles to Remember fundraiser has wrapped up orders for Candle Sets, ONLINE CASH DONATIONS ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED.
As of March 27, 2010 donations through This Link have grown to $1025.
Help us hit the c2r goal of $20,000!

Please CLICK HERE to join like-minded snowmobilers as we support the CAC, an organization working hard to develop and distribute live saving materials for our community.


Background of Candles to Remember
Not only was the winter of 2008-09 a devastating year for mountain snowmobilers, the accidents of March 2010 really generated a lot of questions. Snowmobile related avalanche fatalities appear to be on the rise and many are searching for solutions to this.

Candles to Remember, spearheaded by Sherry Waldroff (formerly Sherry Beck), was launched February 26, 2010 as a fundraiser in memory of snowmobilers who have lost their lives to avalanches. Sherry challenges the snowmobile community to take an active role in raising funds and awareness for avalanche resources and training specific to our community.

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The CAC will be presented with the money raised through this fundraiser. The proceeds will fund snowmobile specific avalanche initiatives and awareness campaigns.

The goal is to raise at least $20,000 through the sale of candles and monetary donations in support of public avalanche safety.

Cash Donations will be accepted year round and it is anticipated that the sale of Candle Sets will kick off again near Christmas of 2010.

Groups and individuals can participate in this fundraiser to win prizes including a customized Avalanche Rescue Workshop to be hosted in the top selling community.

Corporate supporters are invited to join us to receive national exposure for your support of this public safety initiative.

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For more information please contact

Sherry Waldroff-Beck

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The story has been carried by the following media:
Edmonton Sun, Monday March 15, 2010


Event Supporters

We would like to recognize the businesses that have offered assistance, prizes and other support. Please be sure to thank them for their participation in this worthy cause! Online Forum ________

Zac’s Tracs __________________________
Phone: 403-850-3042
Box 903, Black Diamond, AB

Alberta Snowmobile Association ___________
Phone: 780-427-2695
11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB

Avalanche Safety Solutions _______________
Phone: 250-344-8606
917 10th Ave N, Golden, BC

Power Merchants Ltd ____________________
Phone: 780-645-4499
4025 50th Ave, Box 1688, St. Paul, AB