Alberta Safe Rider School Program

Alberta Safe Riders – Alberta Snowmobile Association program

The Alberta Safe Riders delivers interactive and fast paced seminars to Alberta school students of all ages promoting safe and responsible, all season off road riding habits and techniques.  Accidents are predictable and preventable. We have choices in where, when, how and who we ride with. Good choices set us up for success. Pushing the limits or sloppy planning may lead to a close call, or worse, a serious injury or even a fatality.

Note: This program is provided FREE OF CHARGE to school groups throughout Alberta.
Costs are covered by the Alberta Snowmobile Association and corporate partners.
A special word of thanks to Avalanche Canada as they have been supporting this program as a significant presenting partner for the past 8 years!








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Another great season is underway with Zac’s Tracs and the Alberta Snowmobile Association!

In the past eight seasons the ASA Safe Rider Off-Highway Vehicle Safety program was presented by Lori Zacaruk and her team to over 81,200 school students. 1161 presentations were made in 454 schools. In a typical season we travel 16,000 km teaching avalanche courses, ASA Safe Rider courses and attending tradeshows in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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Program Feedback:

Perfect OHV Safety Program for our Grade 7-12 school

“The Safe Rider program presented by Lori Zacaruk of the Alberta Snowmobile Association was perfect for our Grade 7-12 school. It focused on the core concepts that OHV users need to know in order to participate in these activities in a safe way. The information was presented in a clear and age appropriate way and that included a good balance of story telling, audience participation, multimedia, data presentation and instructions. Definitely an enjoyable presentation that impacted students in a positive way.”
– Adam Argento (Outdoor Education Teacher, Oilfields High School, Black Diamond AB)

The overall ATV Safety presentation was a 5/5!! 

“Lori is an excellent presenter. She had an excellent connection with our students and was able to sustain their interest throughout the entire presentation (Some of our students attended a double presentation for a total time of 120 minutes). Our program covered snowmobile, ATV, and avalanche safety.

Lori was excellent in terms of her ability to relate to our students and managed to engage students that are typically non-participants in traditional learning environments. The backdrops, props, videos and gear kept the students focused and engaged. It was perfectly suited to our ‘hands-on’ students.

This presentation was very relevant and valuable to our students as our riders are getting younger and younger. What better place to teach safety than in school. We would like to see this program again and are interested to participate with Lori in a Video Conferencing learning environment should this become available in the future!”
– S Cummings, M Taylor, K McIntyre Teachers, Sundre Learning Centre, Sundre, AB

Alberta Safe Riders a 5/5!

“The program was very informative, easy to understand and made the students aware of the dangers without being scary. Good for our younger audience. The instructor was/is an operator of the machines which made the material more real. Lori had a connection to the students right from the start.
The visual display, hands on activities and interaction with the students was excellent. She is the best presenter I’ve seen. 
Looking forward to the program returning in the future. Repetition is the trick.” 
– Andrea Ungurian and Margit Gerber Teachers, Teepee Creek School

This Off-Highway Vehicle Safety Information was Extremely Important

“I was really happy with Lori’s Sledsmart presentation for our middle school students at Pine Grove in Edson. She immediately captured the kids attention with her display, which included a sled and a small quad. Her interactive style kept the kids involved and her personal stories about racing were really interesting for them to hear. But most importantly, Lori brought a wealth of knowledge about how to stay safe on quads, sleds, dirt bike and during snow sports. For a group of students in a rural community, the large majority of whom are involved in these activities on a regular basis, this information was extremely important. It is presentations like this that will help us keep our young people safe and reduce the number of accidents which occur each year. Thank you Lori!”
– Helen Payette, Teacher, Pine Grove School, Edson, AB

“Hello Lori,
Thank-you so much for sending the photos. By all accounts the presentation was thought to be EXCELLENT!!!! Thank-you so much for including our school as a stop for your program. We really enjoyed everything about it.


Lisl Bahrynowski
Grade 4 5 6 Teacher – AISI Lead Teacher, Wildwood School