Zac's Tracs - Vision and Mission

Who we are, what we intend to do and how we intend to do it.


To be a world leader in avalanche and backcountry safety in the snowmobile community through a profitable and inspirational series of on-line and off-line training programs and resources. To save lives through the development and promotion of innovative and engaging training materials, program delivery methods and resources to support and inspire backcountry snowmobilers, at work or at play, to make life long changes to the way they manage their backcountry activities leading to capable, prepared and responsible riders.


To save lives by inspiring and empowering backcountry snowmobilers to take active steps to gather the information, skills, strategies and equipment to make the most of our activities while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. We all have the same goals: to enjoy the best riding possible and to return home safely to our family and friends!

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