Interior BC - AST1F - 8 hour Hands-on Mountain Field Training

CHOOSE ONE field day from the options below.
For a listing of available field dates CLICK HERE

Class will be unloading at 8:00am. Class starts at 8:30am SHARP. Purchase your trail pass, lock up trucks and gather at instructor’s vehicle in the parking lot, ready to ride for 8:30am SHARP.
Liability waivers will need to be completed in the parking lot.
CLICK HERE to download a printable waiver.

Golden, BC – Quartz Creek Staging area
CLICK HERE for more specific Golden Field information

Revelstoke, BC – Custom Dates – Please call to book
Specific details will be emailed to you in the week before your field session.

All Interior BC sessions will be led by Trigger-Point Snow Services
Amber Granter / Chris Granter 250-814-7210

Specific meeting location details for all Trigger Point field sessions will be emailed to all registered participants.

Please be prepared to be outside all day – likely coming home in the dark…


  • All your avalanche gear – transceiver, probe, shovel (in a backpack on your back) Please let us know if you need to borrow gear.
  • Trail Fee = $20-25
  • AVALUATOR – slope evaluation card (from class)
  • Companion Rescue Card (from class)
  • Warm clothes
  • Lunch that does not require a fire or the cabin
  • Any emergency gear that you would normally bring on a day of riding
    CLICK HERE for recommended backcountry gear

Mountain field sessions are full on. Expect a long day! It gets dark EARLY this time of year – plan to come back in the dark. You will need all of your rescue gear, lunch and warm clothes.
(Please email if you do not have a transceiver, probe or shovel – there is gear available for you to borrow)

To Register

The AST1 Classroom session must be completed before attending this field session.


Confirmed Registrations

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