Valemount, BC Avalanche Field Training for Sledders

AST1 – 8 hour Hands-on Field Day for the practical exercises. CLICK HERE for the full listing.

Maximum Instructor student ratio 8:1
Field days may be added or canceled depending on the number of registered students.

It is recommended that you print the following information
CLICK HERE for a printable .pdf with the VALEMOUNT field details

Clemina Creek Staging area – Valemount, BC

CLEMINA CREEK riding area. For info CLICK HERE
The large parking lot and trail-head are located east of Highway 5, approx 30km south of Valemount. If you see Allan Creek Snowmobile Staging area on the right hand side you have traveled ~5km too far.
(road conditions permitting, SCROLL DOWN to see the BACKUP PLAN below)

Suggested Arrival Time – 8:00am (local time Pacific) unload, sign out gear, purchase trail passes, lock down truck

PLEASE NOTE: Trail passes are $25/person/day

Let the attendant know that you are completing the AST1 and VARDA may reduce your trail pass by $10! Please bring correct change and thank them for their generosity!
VARDA has supported Zac’s avalanche classes for many seasons!

Class Start – 8:30 am PST – Please be geared up and ready to ride for this time. We will meet in the staging area of Clemina Creek. We are usually parked in the upper parking lot. You should see a bright colored Zac’s Tracs flag.
Mac Cochrane – white truck and a SkiDoo pulling a toboggan.
Will Chitty – white truck with enclosed trailer and a Polaris may/may not be pulling a toboggan.
Return Time ~ 5:30 pm (often in the dark!!)

If your schedule allows, we recommend that you choose a Monday or a Friday for your field session as Saturday and Sundays are typically our largest groups.
All field classes will run with a maximum of 8 students per instructor.
Valemount classes fill fast. Please sign up asap.
More dates will be added depending on demand and instructor availability


  • All your avalanche gear – transceiver and a backpack with probe, shovel (airbags are not necessary)
  • AVALUATOR – slope evaluation card (received in the classroom – $15 if you forget) See below.
  • Companion Rescue Card (‘soft’ water resistant paper card received in the classroom) See below.
  • Warm clothes, thick soled boots for standing on the snow all day
  • Any emergency gear that you would normally bring on a day of riding
  • Lunch, thermos with hot beverage. NO ALCOHOL
  • If you have not already completed a waiver of liability please download a copy by CLICKING HERE If you print and read this beforehand you can bring it to the staging area and one of your instructor’s will act as your witness. We will bring copies of the waiver to the staging area however it is a bit nicer for you to complete the paperwork ahead of time rather than in the snow!

Be prepared to travel home in the dark. Days are short this time of year.

When traveling from your home to Valemount please allow enough time to account for road conditions, closures due to road maintenance, avalanche control and vehicle accidents. Class will still run if the highways are closed! Please plan accordingly.

If Hwy 5 south of Valemount is closed due to road maintenance or an accident please ask the flaggers if you can travel to the Clemina Parking lot.

  • Yes – field day proceeds at Clemina as scheduled. ***NOTE: if an accident is farther to the south they usually allow avalanche classes through to Clemina – you will have to ask the flagger!
  • No – If no-one allow through road closure to Clemina please meet on the service road near the SHELL fuel station on the west side of Highway 5 at 7:30am sharp!*
    805 S Hwy 5, Valemount. This will get the group off the highway and away from traffic and allow us to make a new plan from there. PLEASE NOTE: If your instructors are not waiting for you at the Shell they will likely have left town prior to 7:00am and may be ahead of the closure. Please contact Zacs at the numbers below and proceed to Clemina as soon as closure lifts. Instructors do carry Sat Phones and will check in with the base if troubles gathering up students.

  • If you experience road closures elsewhere…do your best…please give us a call 403-850-3042 or 403-804-3886 to give us a heads up to your situation.

Not quite sure what else to bring to the field session? CLICK HERE
Need to rent some gear or a snow machine? CLICK HERE

To Register

The AST1 Classroom session must be completed before attending this field session.
To choose from a listing of classroom sessions CLICK HERE.



VARDA – Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association – Home Page
For more info contact VARDA directly
Phone: 250-566-4817

CLEMINA CREEK riding area


THE WEATHER NETWORK – town of Valemount

Rogers Cell phones do not work in Valemount
Telus Cell phones will work in Valemount
Cell phone service cuts out a few miles outside of Valemount. Satellite phones and GPS emergency communication units are recommended as risk management tools.


Accommodation Options to consider

Alpine Inn

1470 5 Avenue Valemount, BC
(250) 566-4471

Be sure to ask for the avalanche student rates! – $79.99 + tax for 2 Queen beds
2015-16 Rates



14 km west of the Tete Jaune (Hwy 16 & Hwy 5 Junction)
12155 Hwy 16, British Columbia
Box 909; Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0
Tel: 250.968.4304 Fax: 250.968.4445
Toll Free: 1.866.968.4304
Contact the Terracana Ranch Resort for great rates on their all inclusive packages.

CLICK HERE to view the Terracana’s Facebook albums.

Other Accommodation options for Valemount

Swiss Bakery

Awesome food packed and prepared specially for sledders!! CASH ONLY
Swiss Bakery website

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